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The first time I entered a casino I fell in love. I fell inlove with the glamour, both the noise and the lights. But I fell deeply in love with this action. There is nothing such as a busy casino at 2 o’clock each afternoon. You have your high-rollers, your hustlers along with your little old ladies playing with the slots.

I can return on my gaming career through the men I married. The very first man I married, I will call him Big Daddy, was 55 yrs of age. I was 19. I was a kid but I had all the attributes bettors adored. I had enormous boobs, a huge personality and a killer grin. Wrap that up in a tight skirt  esports betting and heels and that I could have ruled the globe.

Big Daddy loved Black Jack. He adored Black Jack a lot more than he loved me. This has been his match. And he could sit for hours playing hand after hand. He sat for eight hours straight without leaving the dining table. Perhaps not to go to the restroom. Now this is dedication. He was like the majority of amateur gamblers. He lost consistently. Every once in a while he would have a good night and we would celebrate big moment. However, those were not rare. Like I said he was an amateur rather than a professional.

The next person I married, I will call him Johnny, adored the crap tables. Dice was his game and he lived and breathed it. He even slept with a pair of dice under his shorts. Johnny would have tremendous blessed stripes where he couldn’t lose. It was incredible. Sometimes it was just like he could will a two or a 3 or even a 12 be wrapped. However he could never walk off. However large his bank roll was he had to play with until he lost all. However, this has been Johnny.

The next man I married was a professional gambler. He even made his living from it. And he’d systems and rules he followed. And he always won. Poker was his match and the one principle he consistently lived by has been to drift far from the dining table before your luck . It didn’t matter how hot he was or how much cash he had been up, he knew when it was time for you to drift away. And he did. And just like I said, he always won.

The very first time I ever walked in to a casino that I fell inlove. And even today, when I walk into a casino, I fall in love all over again.

Copyright 2005 by Pamela Pompeii. All rights reserved.