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How many times did you go with your male friend to the club in order to pick up girls? You felt more confident with him by your side. He motivated you and presented you in a bright light while talking to the girl of your interest. Moreover, he was a good companion during the night. This kind of friend is called a wingman. The name comes from a cult movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise as a leading character. It became common ten years later thanks to the movie Swingers from 1996.

Wingman was not a bad solution in the twentieth century. Now, the situation has changed. Nowadays, men all around the world, especially in the USA, meet and pick up the hottest girls with the help of their… female friends. Pretty fast people started calling them wingwomen. There are numbers of reasons why the wing woman approach is so effective. Here are some of them:

• It is proven that women are more attracted to men who have women around them, than men who are by themselves or hang out with male friends.

• Women love challenges and like to compete over a man, when they are jealous, they will do anything to get a man of their interest.

• Women always want the most things that they cannot have. A man, who is in woman’s presence, is exactly what they want escort geneve.

• It is very easy for a woman to approach another woman and build rapport. After that you can be easily introduced to the woman of your interest without the feeling that you’re hitting on her. Hence, you totally exclude any risk of being rejected.

• The woman of your interest will not know if you are talking to her because you are attracted to her (typical for a normal approach), or just because your sociable, talkative female friend introduced you to her. It gives you much more ways to lead the conversation.

• When you are surrounded by women, other women lower their shields, because they see you as a cool guy that hangs out with women and feels comfortable around them.

But it is not only women who behave differently, when you have a hot, sociable girl at your side. It also changes your behaviour. You get more self esteem and become cooler around girls, because you are no longer looking like a guy that is trying to get girls. You are perceived as a cool guy, who has beautiful women around him and you feel that way.

As you can see, a wingwoman is a solution to all problems that appear on your way to meeting women. Unfortunately, most of us do not have these attractive female friends, who just cannot wait to help us meet other women. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore. In the USA, for the last couple of years, single men can hire a wing woman for the evening. Now, the service has spread to London, where you can use the help of attractive and go-ahead girls. Our wingwoman will introduce you to the woman of your interest and will give you a helping hand when the conversation starts getting dull, says Matthew, a co-owner of a company that provides wing women to single men. You might ask, what kind of men decide to hire wingwomen. These are guys, who:

• are new in town and do not know where to party,

• want to spend a great evening while meeting several women,

• ended up a long-term relationship and want to get back to dating girls

• found out that online dating does not give the possibility to meet truly attractive women,

• want to raise their chances of finding love of their life,

• are busy men who want to effectively spend their precious time,

• are PUA wannabes and want to practice in different environment…

Do you want to know, how does a typical night out with a wingwoman look like? Keep reading.

You will meet your wing woman at the prearranged public place. After initial conversation, she will be able to take you to the most suitable place for you to meet women. Of course, if you have your favorite club, you can go there. Your wingwoman will get to know you a bit, so she could later show you in a great light when it is needed. Tell her about your hobbies, passions. Share some fascinating stories from your life. These will be much more accepted and less conceited if your wing woman brings them up in conversation, rather than you doing it yourself.

Imagine, you walk into a bar with an attractive, stylish, outgoing woman by your side. Instantly, you will get attention and keep other women guessing: “What is the deal with this guy?”

In the club, your wingwoman will do her best to help you have fun and stay in the right state of mind. Point her couple of women that you find attractive. She will approach a woman of your interest, get some rapport with her and then introduce you to her. It will be very natural and will totally exclude any risk of being rejected. Agree on a signal, which will tell your wingwoman to leave you with a girl for some time. During this time, she will approach other women that you pointed out before as the ones you would like to meet.

We cannot guarantee you will fall in love, but we can guarantee you will meet several women while having a lot of fun. It is by far the best way to end your single days and turn you into a dating, confident man.- sums up Matthew.

You have to remember that, while approaching attractive girls, your wing woman cannot do 100% of work for you. If you are in a bad mood, you are under-dressed or you are just plain drunk, it will be impossible to pick-up the hottest girls in he club. Use your time with a wingwoman wisely. Stay cool, smile and be humourous at first and seductive later on.