Poker Betting Patterns – The Accidental Call Or Raise


When playing poker online, one of the biggest “online poker tells” you can observe are your opponents betting patterns. This article will discuss a very small specific “accidental tell” that you may observe online, and hopefully use it to your advantage.

In online poker rooms, you have the ability to pre-select your planned action through a checkbox, before it is actually your turn to act. This on its own can be a “tell” on your opponent, because their “pre-selected” action happens instantly when it is their turn to act. The “accidental tell” happens when their action is not a pre-selected action, suggesting that maybe they performed an action by mistake, giving you a little information on if this person even wants to be in the hand. This is hard to describe with words, so let me go into an example:

On Full Tilt Poker, before the action gets to you, you can click a checkbox indicating that you want to “Check/Fold” or just “Call” (or “check” if they’re in the BB). Obviously since online poker is software¬†918kiss¬† technology running on blazing broadband networks, the “actions” can happen quickly and catch people off-guard.

Say an opponent wants to just limp in and “call” the blind. They can pre-select the “call” checkbox, and when the action gets to him, the software automatically limps him in. But, just as he’s about to select the checkbox, you put in a good size raise, and now that checkbox he was about to select turns into a “Call” button that he accidentally (instantly) clicks. You can recognize this betting pattern based on the speed of his response. The action is typically fast in online poker, but when almost an instant “call” happens, this can suggest he hit that button by accident. Especially if you put in a good size raise, typically someone would give it at least a full second of thought before calling.

If you happen to be heads-up with this person, you can potentially have a “tell” suggesting he may have a marginal hand that he originally just wanted to play with a cheap flop. Use that to your advantage. A typical continuation bet here may easily pick up the pot uncontested.

Likewise, you yourself should be careful using those “pre-action” checkboxes. You may accidentally call an ALL-IN SHOVE with your 9-3 offsuit! Good luck on the felt.

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